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Peacock by LarasSilverStars Peacock :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 1 0 Self-Portrait by LarasSilverStars Self-Portrait :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 0 0
Waking Up
When Abby woke up, she could tell it was below freezing outside. 'Of course it was,' she thought. It always was. The very top of her shoulder that peeked out from beneath the many heavy blankets had turned a light blue colour. It was almost numb when she poked at it. Same with her nose, but after going cross-eyed to look at it she could see it was bright red, not blue.
She really didn't want to leave her insanely warm bed, instead telling herself she would just have a few minutes more of blissful warmth.
Her alarm clock buzzed again, even louder than before. With a groan she rolled over, keeping all body parts except for her head below the blankets. She held her hands clasped tightly between her knees to keep them warm and to stop them from hitting the 'snooze' button again. But, when the sound had risen loudly enough to make her head hurt, she shut it off and twitched the curtain open with a pale finger.
She could tell it was colder than yesterday by the thick layer of fog on the glas
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Scribbly Netsuke by LarasSilverStars Scribbly Netsuke :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 0 0 Netsuke by LarasSilverStars Netsuke :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 1 2
When we are born, there are four sections on our birth certificate. Our full name, the date we were born, the date we will die and our purpose in life. It is stamped onto the hand that will be our dominant one in ink that will never come off as well as on a certificate, to try to keep at least a little to the old ways. There is no going against the information on our skin. It is the law. You either abide by it or suffer the consequences. But no one ever does. They have no need to. Why would they when their whole life is already planned out for them? There's no point to try and fight it. There is no reason to ask any questions.
When I was born, my entire life story was already written for me by a hand I would never know, in ink that could never be bleached from the paper. I was born on the eleventh of December, 2192. I'm going to die on the fifth of June, 2266. My purpose in life is to rebel.
It's a hard purpose to live up to when every single person on earth has been instructed to alwa
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dog skeleton by LarasSilverStars dog skeleton :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 1 0 dog skull and neck by LarasSilverStars dog skull and neck :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 0 0 agressive dog skull by LarasSilverStars agressive dog skull :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 0 0 dog skull 2 by LarasSilverStars dog skull 2 :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 0 0 dog skull 1 by LarasSilverStars dog skull 1 :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 0 0
As I run I understand how I have always been thought of as prey. I was never anything but prey from the very day that I was born into this monstrous world. But I can't blame everybody. Only myself and the people who brought me up. Consequently, they didn't conceive me. They just took me, like I was one of those puppies you see in boxes that are always for free because no one wants them. Well, my parents wanted me, but they took me anyway.
I swear as I run, my bare feet picking up dirt, mud, leaves and goodness knows what else. My short brown hair flares up around my head every time I take a stride and I constantly look over my shoulder, getting the short strands in my eyes when I turn back around. I know they're following me. They have to.
My short figure and light weight comes in handy for once as I fly through the trees, picking up speed the further I go. I feel like I could fly, but of course I can't. They can, but I can't. One of the many reasons why they never thought I would run
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Shifter Pride: Fighting
Fighting was fun. The fighting part of our daily lessons always put me in a good mood after being screamed at by Auntie Jane. I don't know why but punching numerous people in the face while shifting down and up into all sorts of forms, using each of those forms as well as I could, brightened my day just enough that I was able to go back to that hellhole by the time our 'school' day was up. Most of the time I remained in the form of an arctic wolf - one of my favorite forms - but when our coach stated that we had less than five minutes to go I purposely backed myself into a corner, changed into my normal form but with wings and got four of the others on the ground just by spinning in a circle, my wing tips slicing through the air like razors.
"Lara! That's enough, leave them all with some dignity!" coach yelled at me and I stepped over their quivering forms, licking my lips like the predator I was.
"You're a sexy beast," Phil said to me, picking himself up off the floor and curling a fu
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Mine to Keep? by LarasSilverStars Mine to Keep? :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 1 2 Demon Boy by LarasSilverStars Demon Boy :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 1 0 Coloured Cow by LarasSilverStars Coloured Cow :iconlarassilverstars:LarasSilverStars 0 0


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Ok well this is my second ever journal entry and I'm mainly writing it just to get the tagging thing off my profile.
Anyways I am caught in a temporal mind block and whatever I write or draw sounds like crap. At this moment over the weekend I will be taking requests for writing just so I have an idea of what to write about.
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
a country kid from australia, enjoys drawing and writing.
mainly likes traditional artwork and prefers drawing with a pencil. hasnt written something for nearly ever genre, i love to write. i have been writing and drawing for years and years and have loved every second of it


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